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Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturer, Exporter, Trader and Supplier of all kind of Lathe Machine, CNC Lathe Machine, Planner Machine, Milling Machine, Drill Machine, Hacksaw, Shaper Machine, Plano Miller and many more...

  • All Geared Lathe Machine
  • Product Specification

    Remembering the different prerequisites of the clients, we have developed as prevalent exporter, manufacturer, and supplier are occupied with delivering a selective array of All Geared Lathe Machine. The offered Geared Lathe Machine is accessible in the business in mass at reasonable rates. The offered Geared Lathe Machine is generally utilized as a part of various designing businesses to lead cutting, penetrating & deformity. Our array of Pioneer All Geared Lathe Machine is best acclaimed for components like industry driving costs, stringently tried, quality guaranteed, and so on.

  • Planner Machine
  • Product Specification

    The planer is a machine tool designed to produce plane and flat surface on a work piece which is too large or too heavy. It uses linear relative motion. Planer machine is large and heavy in weight. The work piece is securely fixed on a table called platen, and it reciprocates horizontally against a single edged cutting tool. The surface machined may be horizontal, vertical or at an angle .It has marine diesel engine, machine bed and column, blocks and bending plates used for sheet metal work. Double-housing planner is widely used. Operations of a planer machine: The planer is used for:
    1. Planing flat horizontal, vertical and curved surfaces.
    2. Planing at an angle and machining dove tails.
    3. Planing slots and groves.

  • Milling Machine
  • Product Specification

    Milling machine may be defined as the type of machine in which the metal is removed by causing the job to be fed against a revolving cutting tool called the miller cutter. There are rotary cutters which covers a wide variety of different operations. It is capable to perform its operations at small scale to larger and also heavy duty milling tasks. Now days it is commonly used for various processes in the industry and also in machine shops to provide accurate sizes and shapes of machining parts. Milling can also be done with wide range of tools. After the invention of CNC milling machines the features comes with CNC are control, automatic tool charger, carousels and coolant systems. Basically, a milling machine performs variety of operations such as shaping flat and irregular surfaces, boring, drilling, and planning, cutting gears, routing and producing slots among others. There are two categories of milling machines- the vertical mills and the horizontal mills. The vertical mills have a vertical orientation of the spindle axis, while the horizontal mills employ a horizontal orientation of the spindle axis. There are also some other types of milling machines are available like ram-type, knee-type, manufacturing or bed type and planer-type. In milling machines there are many shapes and sizes of cutters are available. Milling machine can cut grooves, dove tails, flat surfaces and T- slots.

  • Drilling Machine
  • Product Specification

    Drilling machine is a power machine used to cut holes into or through metal, wood, or other materials. Drilling machines use a drilling tool that has cutting edges at its point. Mostly drilling machines are made of steel or diamond. It rotates at a high speed. By the drill machines the bit is pressed against the work piece which rotates very fast approximately hundreds to thousands revolutions per minute. Drill Machine Head-A part of drill that is located at the top end that penetrates through the material. The drilling machines perform wide range of functions including drilling, wood working, reaming, metal working, grinding, construction, tee slot cutting and counter sinking etc.

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