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Leading Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing & Trading Company. An Unit of MSME.
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Our Vision Is

To provide world-class reliable solutions aimed at helping clients discover and harness competitive advantages, thus fully satisfying their business goals.

and Mission Is

Our mission articulates our goals as a company and how we go about achieving them. Our core values set out the principles that define who we are and how we work together. We invite you to explore these two different ways of understanding Dhanbad Lab Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.


Leadership with Integrity

Innovative Engineering

Focus On Our Clients

High Quality Professionals


Embedded System

An embedded system is a computer system designed for specific control functions within a larger system, often with real-time computing constraints.



This field involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas.This is involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas.


Scilab Certification Program

It is a Certification Program for Scilab



LabVIEW is a leading graphical programming language for test and control systems. LabVIEW offers up to 10X development speed compared to other text based programming languages.


Data Acquisition

Data acquisition (DAQ) is the process of measuring an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound with a computer.



It is a robotics Technology.

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